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The city of Gaziantep is located in southeastern Turkey on the intersection of the historic silk road and is the sixth largest city in Turkey with a population of approximately 850,000. Gaziantep was an important town in the center of pistachio cultivation was already in antiquity. With the German city of Duisburg is twinned since 2005.

The cultural diversity of the city of Gaziantep and its surrounding area attracts many tourists. The city's history can be traced back to the year 4000 BC. The sights and attractions are somewhat scattered and can be most easily reached with a car.

For example the village of Dülük, about 10 km from Gaziantep removed. It is located directly on the Silk Road and gives visitors the opportunity to visit the Parkly cave. Here, devices that were constructed of stone and come from the 6th century BC, can be admired. Continue to exist several stone churches and ' Digger, that are very well preserved.

Also, a popular destination for tourists is the Gaziantep Castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in Turkey. Situated on a Hill it towers over the city and offers an impressive sight. Remains of water depots, bathhouses and a House of prayer is located in the Interior of the Castle. The Yesemek open-air museum houses on an area of 100,000 hectares around 300 statues and architectural works of art. Also can visitors experience, were built like statues at that time.

The beautiful town centre of the city of Gaziantep invites to a stroll through the narrow alleys. Cosy restaurants pamper their guests with traditional Turkish specialities and regional Obtainränken. In the small coffee shops, you can taste Turkish coffee and sweet treats. The shopping in Gaziantep, Turkey are very varied and leave no wish unfulfilled.

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Gaziantep Airport International, Arrivals Hall, Meet&greet Service, Gaziantep


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