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1 Pincas Ha'hozev Street, Beer-sheva, 84107 (Israel)
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Beer-Sheva on the edge of the Negev desert is the fourth largest city of Israel, and is located deep in the South of the country. By its relative remoteness from the Centre of the State are considered extremely important, regional attraction. Translated, means the name "Fountain of Schwures" and goes back to a mention in the 1st book of Moses, according to which Abraham here the free use of a Brunnes to have reclaimed from the high priest.

In particular the ongoing since 1969 excavations at tell Beersheba, which is one of today's world heritage site are of global importance. There, they found traces of human settlements going back up in the 4th millennium BC.1100 BC, Beer-Sheva was already a fortified town in the later stationed Maccabees, Romans and Byzantines their troops. From the 19th century, the city was also a strategic outpost on the way to the Suez Canal.

Beer Shevas today's old town was built around 1900, sometimes with German participation. As before, here is the Centre of the city and is considered a unique example for the planning of Ottoman cities. Supra-regional highlights and tourist attraction here is the weekly annual Bedouin market and the already mentioned Abraham fountain.

At the same time, Beer-Sheva is also a testing ground of modern architecture, what stands in particular the Concert Hall of Beer Sheva Sinfonietta which reminds of a UFO in its form. Km long, covered pedestrian passages against heat and dust produced the adaptation to the desert conditions.

The spacious of beer Shevas mountains bounded by the foothills of Hebron, makes absolutely recommended the use of a rental car.

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1 Pincas Ha'hozev Street, Beer-sheva, 84107


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