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Limoges is a town in the North-Western Massif Central, right in the heart of France.131,000 Inhabitants almost 78 square kilometres it is situated on the Vienne, which meanders through Limoges picturesque. Limoges was originally settled by the Celts until it approximately 10 BC was conquered by the Romans. Numerous buildings, such as the still existing amphitheatre, the thermal spa and the Forum bear witness to this time.

In the middle ages, Limoges came especially through his craftsmanship in the porcelain to glory and prosperity. Today more than half of French porcelain from the formerly Royal manufactories comes. The freedom-loving people of Limoges were fervent supporter of the French Revolution and were one of the first who went on strike for better working conditions, the Limoges earned the nickname of Rome of socialism at the beginning of the 19th century. No wonder, therefore, that the General French Trade Union Confederation (CGT) in 1895 was founded here.

Besides the Museum of porcelain from Limoges, there are many medieval buildings, particularly churches of the 13th and 14th century, in the city to admire. The most beautiful are in the Cathedral of Saint-√Čtienne, as well as the Church of Saint-Micheldes-lions, and Saint-Pierre-des-Queyroix. Also the bridges across the Vienne, which characterizes the city of this city impressive are as picturesque as the sacred buildings. A further highlight of the town is the historic village de la boucherie. It exists today in its perfect beauty, is alone the creative use of the butchers of this city, which persuaded the city fathers in pork loin and tripe of to prevent the planned demolition of the District of.

Due to the expanse of this city, it is advisable to explore the city with a rental car.

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